Airfree Babyair

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Airfree Babyair properties

Product name Babyair
Brand Airfree
Type Air Purifier
Features Portable
Functions Air Purification
Operating Area (m²) 42 m²
Power consumtion 44 W
Height 19.6 cm
Width 14.5 cm
Weight 1.1

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1 review for Airfree Babyair

  1. me

    A smaller device than other purifiers.
    Negative remarks:
    The lack of a fan makes it a little slow to clean the air (the manual recommends never turning it off), so you shouldn’t even move it from one room to another.
    The overhead light can be turned off, but the power light may be too bright at night.
    The good part:
    Extremely quiet, it does not emit any noise. Requires no maintenance or spare parts. It has a nice blue light on top. There are no buttons or remote control: just plug it into the network.

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What is the operating area for Airfree Babyair?

The operating area can tell us if the air purifier is right for us.

Features in Airfree Babyair

The first thing to note about an air purifier is its functions and features. . . If you want to look at other devices with air purification check it here. Full list of features and functions of this air purifier you can find in the description above.