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Product name PT65
Brand Fellow
Type Air Purifier

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  1. Williams Fu

    I have mixed feelings about the product. On the one hand, it seems that everything works as it should, but on the other hand, for this price, I expected something more.

    After the device is turned on and you did not have an air humidifier – you can feel the differences – the air gets crisp – unfortunately only in a limited space and it is supposed to be enough for about 50m – the intelligent mode still works at minimal speed, so by a miracle .. How it will turn to max, unfortunately it is very loud – and you can’t turn it on remotely, so hmm, you can try to set a delayed start ..

    One of the biggest disadvantages is the lack of any scale of pollution – in fact, you can display 3 parameters: temperature, humidity and energy consumption.

    In addition, several indicators, including those from the dust sensor, pm2.5, and smell … but no scale or additional information …

    Apparently, the intelligent mode, and in fact, there are several sensors and the automatic selection of parameters is so-so – maybe it’s a subjective feeling – I would prefer remote control no less – I have roombe and I really appreciate the advantages of remote control. Sometimes it’s hard to predict when I will return home and I would like to be able to turn on the device remotely on the way home.

    I do not compare with other devices of this type, but for this price it is probably better to buy 3 cheaper and smaller devices and place them at home …

    There was no PM2.5 yet, so I do not know .. and recently somehow it did not happen that a neighbor lit up on the balcony, then maybe it will be possible to feel the differences ..

    If someone buys this device with the thought that he will be able to move it, I do not recommend .. better to buy 2 smaller ones .. And generally, if sharp is cool, but this remote control is missing … it’s possible to live without it, but nowadays for me it is a must have and hence a low rating.

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