White Knight C86A7B Black


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White Knight C86A7B Black properties

Product name C86A7B
Brand White Knight
Type Air Vented
Load Front
Energy Class C
Capacity 7.0 kg
Colour Black
Drying Time 180 min
Control Type Push Buttons
Standard Width 60 cm
Height 85.0 cm
Depth 53.0 cm
Width 60.0 cm

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What kind of control panel does White Knight C86A7B Black have?

Typically, clothes dryers have a manual control panel with buttons. This device has push buttons to control and select the desired drying program. If you want to see other devices with push buttons, have a look here.

White Knight C86A7B Black dimensions

If you have limited space at home, the most important information about the device is its dimensions. The first thing to consider is whether the dryer is to be freestanding or built-in. Look at freestanding dryers here.