ETA Sorento 315190010


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ETA Sorento 315190010 properties

Product name Sorento 315190010
Brand ETA
Type Sandwich toaster
Number of sandwiches 4
Power 900 W
Features Removable Plates, Temperature Light
Height 25.4 cm
Depth 11.5 cm
Width 29.4 cm
Weight 3.7 kg

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ETA Sorento 315190010 is a sandwich toaster type.

Do you know what is the difference between a panini grill and a sandwich maker? If you are confused like we were before we checked it out, read our article.

What kind of features has ETA Sorento 315190010?

ETA Sorento 315190010 has various features such as toasting function and removable plates. You can see other devices with this feature here. Also pay attention to the temperature light. Devices with this feature you can find here.

What are the greatest advantages of ETA Sorento 315190010?

ETA Sorento 315190010is 25.4 cm highand weighs 3.7 kg. So it is light and compact, which allows you to find a place for this type of equipment in every kitchen. Go here if you are looking for other tosters with the same high as ETA Sorento 315190010, or you can check other tosters with the same weight here.