Beko SPA7131

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Beko SPA7131 properties

Product name SPA7131
Brand Beko
Style Regular
Steam Irons Steam, Vertical
Features Automatic shutdown, Self clean
Power 3100 W
Steam Capacity 60 %
Water Tank 350 ml
Width 12 cm
Height 16 cm
Weight 1.8 kg

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1 review for Beko SPA7131

  1. Matthew Lyons

    I was considering buying a PHILIPS GC4909 / 60 3000W or TEFAL FV9840 3200W (both were available for around PLN 350). In the end, I chose Philips because of the reviews about the service and the frequency and ease of cleaning from sediments (Philips – every 3 months, Tefal – anti-calc drawer – monthly using lemon juice), but I cannot compare the cleaning efficiency of these products. But back to Philips: the biggest concern was the water level visibility (in one of the reviews I read that due to the dark casing, the water level is hardly visible). Maybe this level cannot be seen from a distance, but I have no problems identifying it.

    The infusion is really so large that you can fill the iron e.g. with a 0.33l water bottle. By the way, a digression: the previous model Azur 4035 Philips included a filling container with a graduation – this model does not have it. The iron heats up to the maximum very quickly – for me it is less than 1 minute (Philips declares up to 2 minutes). As for the quality of ironing – it is OK, but I do not find a revolution compared to the Azur 4035. What is a big plus for me: the periphery, i.e. the length of the cord (3m) and the plug equipped with an eyelet for easy removal from the contact. However, a certain disadvantage is the weight of the iron: 1.667 kg + 300 ml water gives a total of about 2 kg, which requires more effort with longer use. You get used to it.

    The iron is equipped with the ECO function. But neither in the manual nor on the Philips website did I find out what the effects of this function are. Certainly ECO reduces the amount of steam, but how does it translate into energy consumption – I did not get to this information. So I think that the ECO function is more of a marketing gadget than a function that reduces the amount of energy consumed perceptibly for the user. To sum up: in general, I rate the iron as good – it fulfills its task as much as possible, although user reviews after 2-3 years of use would be the most valuable.

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Beko SPA7131's steam capacity

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