Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9630

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Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9630 properties

Product name PerfectCare Elite GC9630
Brand Philips
Style Steam station
Steam Irons Steam, Vertical
Features Automatic shutdown
Power 2400 W
Steam Capacity 125 %
Steam Pressure 6.7 bar

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1 review for Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9630

  1. Page Howell

    A similar situation in ovens and washing machines where we have advanced cleaning systems (necessarily in English) consisting of inserting the cleaning agent and turning on the washing / heating. So good noises and great special effects.

    Now the historical outline, as I have already mentioned, Bosh is not what it used to be and after a year the iron stopped working beautifully, but it did not heat up – the service, the diagnosis, the heater was dead, irreparable and I got a new one, + for the service. Summing up, the iron is good and fulfills its function well – the accessories beautifully written on the box are nothing more than a personal sales advisor, i.e. “seller”. Durability, well nowadays it still has to be 2 years to buy new ones later, regardless of the company.

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Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9630's steam capacity

Philips's iron is a great solution for people who don't like ironing. Its steam capacity is 125 %. This means you can easily iron your shirts in every nook and cranny. You can check other steam irons of Philips here.

Is this steam station right for me?

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Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9630 has 2 features!!

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