Stadler Form Roger

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Refresh your breathing with the Stadler Form Roger air purifier, a powerful and efficient way to reduce air pollution in your home.


Stadler Form Roger air purifier is a sleek and powerful air cleaner that effectively eliminates indoor air pollutants. This innovative air purifier uses advanced filtration technology to remove allergens, bacteria, and other harmful particles that can trigger respiratory problems and other health issues.

Designed for large living spaces, Roger can clean the air in rooms up to 969 square feet. Its high-performance HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and fine particles from smoke or exhaust fumes.

The Roger air purifier also features an activated carbon filter that removes unpleasant odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. Whether you’re dealing with cooking smells, cigarette smoke, or chemical fumes from paint or cleaning products, Roger can help create a healthier and fresher indoor environment.

What sets Stadler Form Roger apart from other air purifiers is its intuitive and customizable controls. The device comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the fan speed, set a timer, and activate the auto mode. The auto mode uses a smart sensor to detect the level of pollution in the room and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. This means that Roger can operate quietly and efficiently when air quality is good and ramp up its performance when needed.

Roger also features a night mode that reduces the noise level and turns off the LED display to promote restful sleep. The device is easy to maintain, thanks to its high-quality filters that last up to six months, depending on the usage.

Stadler Form Roger is not just a functional air purifier, but also a stylish addition to any modern interior. Its sleek and minimalist design complements any home décor, while its soft LED lights add a soothing ambiance to the room.

In conclusion, Stadler Form Roger air purifier is a reliable and effective solution for improving indoor air quality. With its advanced filtration system, intuitive controls, and elegant design, Roger can help you breathe easier and feel more comfortable in your own home.

Stadler Form Roger properties

Product name Roger
Brand Stadler Form
Type Air Purifier
Features Timer
Functions Air Purification, Odor Neutralizing
Incl. Filters Carbon Filter, HEPA Filter
Operating Area (m²) 74 m²
Fan Speed Levels 5
Max. Noise Level 65 dB
Min. Noise Level 30 dB
Clean Air Delivery Rate 521.0
Power consumtion 100 W
Height 50.0 cm
Width 42.0 cm
Depth 20.0 cm
Weight 7.9

Additional information


Product type




Incl. Filters


Operating Area

Fan Speed Levels

Max. Noise Level

Min. Noise Level

Clean Air Delivery Rate

Power consumtion





5 reviews for Stadler Form Roger

  1. JA34

    For now, I have less than two weeks. The air condition after use is noticeably better. It is a pity that you cannot manually set the humidity level (sharp adjusts it automatically), although we do not wake up at night coughing due to dry air. I do not know about the PM10 and PM2.5 levels, because the first time I plugged in, the sharp showed the pollution level in green, which surprised me a bit because I live in Katowice, where the levels are usually exceeded in winter. Maybe because I only ventilate the room when the pollution level is low (it sometimes happens :)). In addition, it is so quiet that we sleep all night with the device turned on.

  2. Adam

    I recently purchased the Stadler Form Roger air purifier in May and I must say, it has been a game-changer! As an IT specialist, I am constantly on my computer and need fresh air to keep my mind sharp. Living in the city, it can be difficult to find fresh air. However, since I’ve started using Roger, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the air quality in my apartment.

    One thing I love about Roger is its 30 dB min. noise level. It’s so quiet that I almost forget it’s on! Its sleek design also blends in seamlessly with my home decor. At only 7.9 pounds, it’s also easy to move around and is not bulky at all.

    Compared to other air purifiers I’ve used in the past, Stadler Form Roger is by far the best. It’s efficient, effective, and very sleek in design. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and family members.

    Additionally, I was very impressed with the delivery process to San Francisco. It came right on time and was packaged very well. I was very pleased with my purchase and the overall experience with Stadler Form Roger air purifier.

  3. Scarlett Mccarty

    After purchasing the Stadler Form Roger air purifier in July, I must say that my overall impression is quite positive. While I would rate it a 4 out of 5, considering the best possible rating is 5, it still exceeds my expectations in many ways.

    One of the main reasons why I chose to buy the Stadler Form Roger was its power efficiency. As someone who cares deeply about the environment and wants to contribute to saving the planet, the energy-saving feature of this air purifier was a major selling point for me. I believe that by using power-efficient appliances like the Stadler Form Roger, we can not only help reduce our carbon footprint but also save a significant amount of money on our energy bills.

    Speaking of saving money, one of the unique aspects of the Stadler Form Roger is its ability to help you make a lot of money. While this may sound naive, let me explain. By purifying the air efficiently and effectively, this air purifier can help improve the overall air quality in your home or office. This, in turn, can lead to fewer health issues and increased productivity. So, by investing in the Stadler Form Roger, you can potentially enhance your well-being, achieve better performance, and subsequently increase your earning potential.

    Now let’s dive into some technical aspects that make the Stadler Form Roger stand out among other air purifiers. Firstly, its advanced filtration system is worth mentioning. Equipped with a combination of a pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and a HEPA filter, it is capable of capturing and removing a wide range of pollutants, including dust, pollen, pet dander, and even odors.

    Additionally, the Stadler Form Roger offers a convenient Timer feature, which allows you to program the air purifier to operate for a certain duration. This not only helps save energy but also ensures that the purifier is working efficiently during specific times, such as when you’re sleeping or away from home.

    In conclusion, the Stadler Form Roger air purifier has been a valuable addition to my household since I purchased it in July. With its power efficiency, ability to improve air quality, and unique features like the Timer, it not only contributes to saving the planet but also has the potential to enhance our well-being and financial prospects.

  4. Lucas

    Ah, darling, let me tell you about my love affair with the Stadler Form Roger. Yes, I read Scarlett’s review and while she gave it a 4 out of 5, which is quite an admirable rating indeed, I couldn’t help but feel that there was more to this air purifier than meets the eye.
    You see, my love, when I first laid eyes on the Stadler Form Roger, it was like seeing a beautiful stranger across a crowded room. The sleek design, with its elegant curves and sophisticated color, captured my heart instantly. But it wasn’t just about looks oh no, my dear, there was so much more to discover.
    Firstly, Scarlett mentioned the energy-saving feature of this air purifier, which is certainly a major selling point for anyone who cares deeply about the environment, as you do, my love. But what truly sets the Stadler Form Roger apart from its competitors is its unique ability to not only clean the air but also to enhance our lives in ways we never imagined possible.
    You see, by purifying the air efficiently and effectively, this air purifier can help improve the overall air quality in your home or office something that is absolutely essential for our well-being. And as Scarlett so eloquently pointed out, better air quality can lead to fewer health issues and increased productivity.
    But my love, where Scarlett’s review falls short is in its failure to truly capture the romance of this air purifier. You see, when you use the Stadler Form Roger, it feels like you are breathing in fresh, clean air like taking a deep breath on a mountain peak or by the sea. It’s a sensation that is both exhilarating and comforting, like being enveloped in a warm embrace.
    And then there are those unique features, such as the Timer feature, which allows you to program the air purifier to operate for a certain duration something that not only helps save energy but also ensures that the purifier is working efficiently during specific times, such as when we’re sleeping or away from home.
    So, my love, let me conclude by saying that while Scarlett may have given the Stadler Form Roger a 4 out of 5 rating, I believe it deserves a perfect score not just because of its power efficiency and unique features but also because of the way it makes us feel when we use it. It’s like having a personal air purifier that loves us back, my dear a true romantic at heart.

  5. Benjamin

    As someone who has been using the Stadler Form Roger humidifier for nearly a month, my experience differs from JA34’s glowing review. While I agree that the air conditioning after use is noticeably better and we haven’t had any issues with dry air leading to coughing at night, there are several aspects of this humidifier that leave much to be desired.

    Firstly, I find it incredibly frustrating that you cannot manually set the humidity level. The device adjusts automatically, but on some days when the air is particularly dry, I wish I could crank up the humidity level. On other days, when the air is already relatively humid, it seems like the device is adding unnecessary moisture to the air, causing condensation on my windows.

    Secondly, while JA34 was surprised at the low pollution levels shown by their device in Katowice, I live in a major city with notoriously high pollution levels. The PM10 and PM2.5 levels are often displayed in red, indicating that the air quality is unhealthy.

    Lastly, while JA34 praised the quietness of the device, there’s still a faint humming noise that can be heard in the background. It’s not enough to keep me up at night, but it’s definitely noticeable.

    Overall, I acknowledge that the Stadler Form Roger humidifier has some positive qualities, but its limitations leave me feeling hopeless and disappointed. If only it had the ability to manually set the humidity level or a more accurate pollution monitor, it might be worth the high price tag. However, as it stands, I’m afraid I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this product to others.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"How often should I replace the filter in my Stadler Form Roger air purifier for optimal performance?"

The Stadler Form Roger air purifier comes with a pre-filter that should be replaced every 2-3 months, depending on usage. This filter helps to capture larger particles such as pet hair and dust, extending the life of the main HEPA filter. The main HEPA filter should be replaced every 12 months for optimal performance. It's important to replace both filters regularly to ensure that your Roger air purifier continues to operate effectively and efficiently. You can purchase replacement filters directly from Stadler Form or through authorized retailers.

How do I know when it is time to replace my HEPA filter?

The frequency with which you should change your HEPA filter depends on several factors, such as the quality of the filter, the airflow in your home or office, and how often you use your HVAC system. Generally speaking, most manufacturers recommend replacing filters every 3-6 months for optimal performance. However, if you notice a significant drop in air quality or your filters appear dirty after a shorter period of time, it may be an indication that they need to be replaced more frequently. It is also important to check the manufacturer's specific instructions for replacement frequency and any additional guidelines they may have.

"How do I replace the filter in my Stadler Form Roger air purifier?"

Locate the filter compartment on the back of your Roger air purifier. It is easily identifiable by the removable latch that holds it in place. Press and hold the release button located next to the latch until the latch pops up. Gently pull the filter compartment away from the unit, being careful not to dislodge any loose debris inside. Remove the old filter by grasping it firmly at both ends and pulling it straight out. The filter may be slightly damp, as it has been designed to trap moisture in the air. Check that you have the correct replacement filter for your Roger air purifier model. You can find this information in the user manual or on the manufacturer's website. Insert the new filter into the compartment, ensuring that it is properly aligned and seated securely. The filter should fit snugly into place without any gaps or misalignments. Push the filter compartment back into the unit, making sure it clicks into place. Release the latch and ensure that it locks securely. Your Roger air purifier is now ready to use with its new filter. For optimal performance, replace the filter every 6-12 months or as often as recommended by the manufacturer, depending on usage.

"How do I replace the filter in my Stadler Form Roger air purifier?"

Replacing the filter in your Stadler Form Roger air purifier is a simple process that can be done by following these steps:

1. Turn off and unplug the air purifier to ensure safety during the replacement process. Locate the filter, which is usually located at the back or bottom of the unit. The exact location may vary depending on the model of your Roger air purifier. Remove the old filter by gently pulling it out. Make sure not to touch the filter with bare hands as this can affect its performance. It's best to wear gloves, or use a clean cloth to handle the filter. Dispose of the old filter according to your local waste management guidelines. Some filters may contain hazardous materials and should be disposed of properly. Clean the filter housing with a soft-bristled brush or vacuum cleaner to remove any dust, debris, or particles that may have accumulated during use. Insert the new filter into the housing, ensuring it is seated securely. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation. Turn on and plug in the air purifier. Allow it to run for a few hours to ensure that the new filter is properly activated and functioning correctly. Regularly check and replace the filter according to the manufacturer's recommendations. This will help maintain optimal performance and ensure the longevity of your Roger air purifier. Remember, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for replacing the filter in your specific model of Stadler Form Roger air purifier. If you have any doubts or concerns during the replacement process, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

What is the operating area for Stadler Form Roger?

The operating area can tell us if the air purifier is right for us.

Features in Stadler Form Roger

The first thing to note about an air purifier is its functions and features. . You can also check its functions like air purification or odor neutralizing. If you want to look at other devices with air purification check it here. Full list of features and functions of this air purifier you can find in the description above.