Unold 8695 Onyx

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Breadmaker, Hold warm function, Viewing window,Maximum Capacity: 1 kg, No. of settings: 13

Unold 8695 Onyx properties

Product name 8695 Onyx
Maximum Capacity 1.0 kg
No. of settings 13
Features Hold warm function, Viewing window

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Maximum Capacity

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  1. Aron Thompson

    This is the third device of this kind of guests in my home. I have what I wanted. I was interested in high power, because I like to do in it. I baked delicious yeast grandmothers in the toaster. I earned a cake for a poppy seed, oh, I did not make it – I re-involved the products and took a different job. Comfortable and helpful and even an essential machine. I was not disappointed.

    This is my second bread cashier. The previous Moulinex with identical appearance and features (copy) withstand 2 and a half years. I hope that this will be more durable. However, no less pastries (bread, cheese baguettes) come out sensational. A practical book with regulations included is a very good idea.

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What is the main feature of Unold 8695 Onyx?

The most interesting feature of Unold 8695 Onyx is backing of course and hold warm function. The other functions of this device are viewing window. If you want to know more about the possibilities offered by the bread maker, check out our article What can I do with breadmaker?

Is the capacity of the Unold 8695 Onyx bread machine enough?

The maximum capacity is the amount of ingredients the bread machine can handle to knead and bake the dough. If you want to know, Unold 8695 Onyx max capacity is 1.0 kg. For a better overview of the subject, see the other breadmakers with the same capacity as Unold 8695 Onyx.

How many settings has Unold 8695 Onyx?

The number of settings can tell us a lot about the device. For example, this bread maker has 13 programs. If you want to see other devices with that number of settings click here.