Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White


Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White fridge – the ultimate solution to all your refrigeration needs.


The Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White fridge is a fantastic addition to any home. This fridge boasts a spacious 373L capacity, making it perfect for large families or those who love to host dinner parties. The fridge has four adjustable shelves, a wine rack, and two salad crispers, giving you endless possibilities for organising your food.

One of the standout features of this fridge is its energy efficiency. The Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White fridge has been awarded an A+ energy rating, meaning it is incredibly energy efficient and will save you money on your energy bills. The fridge also features an LED display that shows the current temperature, which can be easily adjusted using the touch controls.

The Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White fridge also has some fantastic storage features. The fridge door has five storage compartments, including a dairy compartment, perfect for keeping your milk and cheese fresh. The door also features a handy bottle rack, which is ideal for storing bottles of wine or juice, freeing up space on the shelves.

The fridge has a frost-free freezer compartment, which means you don’t have to worry about defrosting the freezer manually. The freezer also has three compartments, making it easy to organise your frozen food.

Another great feature of the Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White fridge is its antibacterial protection. This fridge has been treated with an antibacterial coating, which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, keeping your food fresher for longer.

Overall, the Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White fridge is a fantastic appliance for any home. Its spacious capacity, energy efficiency, and storage features make it a practical choice, while its sleek white design means it will look great in any kitchen.

Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White properties

Product name Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White
Brand Hotpoint
Type Freestanding Refrigerators
Colour White
Door Opening Rehingable Door, Right
Rehingable Door Yes
Volume 366.0 L
Noise Level 38.0 dB
Energy Consumption (kWh/year) 145.0
Features Antibacterial Coating, Bottle Rack, Extractable/Foldable Shelves, Glass Shelves, Internal Light
No of Shelves/Boxes 7 pcs
Standard Width 60cm
Height 187.5 cm
Width 59.5 cm
Depth 63.0 cm
Weight 62.0 kg

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Product type


Door Opening


Rehingable Door


Noise Level

Energy Consumption


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No of Shelves/Boxes

Standard Width






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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I properly defrost my Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White refrigerator if it has become frost-covered?

To defrost your Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White refrigerator, follow these steps:

1. Turn off the refrigerator: Unplug the refrigerator from the power outlet to prevent any electrical hazards during the defrosting process. Remove the contents: Take out all the food items and store them in a cooler or another refrigerator until the defrosting is complete. Clean the interior: Use a soft cloth or sponge with warm water to clean the inside of the fridge, including shelves, drawers, and walls. This will help remove any dirt or grime that may have accumulated over time. Remove ice buildup: Locate the defrost drain at the bottom of the freezer compartment and ensure it is unobstructed. Place a shallow pan under the drain to catch any water that may come out during the process. Use a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush, to gently remove the ice buildup from the walls, ceiling, and floor of the freezer compartment. Avoid using sharp or abrasive tools, which can damage the surface or create gaps for future frosting. Run hot water: Fill a jug with hot water (not boiling), and pour it into several areas of the freezer compartment to help melt the remaining ice buildup. Use a cloth or sponge to wipe away any excess moisture that may have accumulated during this process. Dry the interior: Once all the ice has been removed, use a clean towel or cloth to dry the inside of the fridge thoroughly. This will prevent any residual water from refreezing and causing further frosting problems. Plug it back in: After cleaning, drying and defrosting your Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White refrigerator, you can now safely plug it back into the power outlet. Monitor for frost buildup: To prevent future frost buildup, make sure to wipe down any spills or drips immediately after they occur. Regularly check the temperature settings and ensure that they are set correctly for your needs. It's also a good idea to clean the interior of the fridge every few months to prevent dirt and grime from accumulating. By following these steps, you can safely and effectively defrost your Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White refrigerator and help extend its lifespan.

"How do I properly defrost my Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White refrigerator?"

To properly defrost your Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White refrigerator, you should follow these steps:

1. Ensure that the temperature in the room where the refrigerator is located is above 5°C (41°F). This will help to speed up the defrosting process. Turn off the power supply to the refrigerator at the wall socket or circuit breaker. This will prevent any electrical hazards during the defrosting process. Remove all food items from the fridge and transfer them to a cooler with ice or another functioning refrigerator if possible. This will help to minimize spoilage during the defrosting process. Allow the refrigerator to sit with the doors open for several hours, ideally 6-8 hours, until all of the ice has melted and drained from the bottom of the unit. Use a towel or cloth to absorb any remaining water. Once the fridge is completely defrosted, wipe down the interior walls, shelves, and drawers with a clean cloth dampened with warm water to remove any leftover ice particles. Be sure to dry everything thoroughly before turning the power back on. Plug the refrigerator back in and allow it to cool for at least 24 hours before reloading food items into it. This will help ensure that the unit is working efficiently again and has reached the correct temperature for optimal storage of perishables.

How do I properly defrost my Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White refrigerator when it has accumulated ice buildup inside the freezer compartment?

To properly defrost your Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White refrigerator, follow these steps:

1. Empty the contents of the freezer and transfer them to a cooler or another freezer until the defrosting process is complete. This will prevent any food items from getting wet during the defrosting process. Turn the temperature control on your refrigerator to the highest setting, which should be indicated by an icon or label on the control panel. This will help the fridge warm up and melt the ice faster. Once you have turned the temperature control to the highest setting, wait for the ice to start melting. It may take several hours for the ice to fully thaw, depending on the thickness of the buildup. To speed up the defrosting process, you can use a hairdryer or a hot towel to gently melt the ice around the edges of the freezer compartment. Be careful not to get any water on the electrical components inside the fridge. Once all the ice has melted and the water has drained out of the freezer, wipe down the interior of the refrigerator with a clean cloth or sponge. This will help prevent any mold or mildew from growing in the moisture that was left behind by the defrosting process. After cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, turn the temperature control back to its normal setting. This will allow the fridge to cool down and maintain a consistent temperature for storing your food items. By properly defrosting your Hotpoint SH81QWRFDUK1 White refrigerator, you can help prevent ice buildup from affecting the performance of your appliance and ensure that it continues to operate efficiently for years to come.