Liebherr KB4330 White


The Liebherr KB4330 White fridge: keeping your food fresh and organized with advanced features and innovative design.

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The Liebherr KB4330 White fridge is a stunning addition to any kitchen, with its sleek design and advanced features that make it a standout in the competitive refrigerator market. This fridge is perfect for those who are looking for a larger refrigerator with ample space to keep their food and beverages fresh and cool.

One of the standout features of this refrigerator is its vast storage capacity. The KB4330 has a total net capacity of 367 liters, which is more than enough to store all your groceries and beverages. The fridge has 7 adjustable shelves which allows you to configure the space according to the size of your grocery. The shelves are made of toughened glass and are spill-proof that makes it easier to clean after a spill.

The Liebherr KB4330 comes with an innovative BioCool lighting system that maintains an ideal humidity level in the refrigerator compartment, ensuring your food remains fresh and turgid for an extended period. With this feature, you do not have to worry about your vegetables and fruits losing their crisp and flavor. The BioCool lighting system also helps to prevent the growth of bacteria in the refrigerator and preserves your groceries for more extended periods.

The refrigerator also boasts a SuperCool function, which cools down the food quickly whenever the door has been opened for an extended period. This function is especially useful when you want to chill a bottle of wine before dinner or when you bring home groceries from the market.

The Liebherr KB4330 has an intuitive electronic control panel that allows you to control the temperature, and other settings with ease. You can adjust the temperature of the fridge without opening the door and display the temperature of the fridge through the electronic control. It also comes with an alarm that alerts you when the door is not properly closed, and when the temperature has gone beyond the desired range.

In conclusion, if you are searching for a fridge that will make your life more comfortable, then the Liebherr KB4330 White fridge is an excellent choice. It offers ample storage capacity and a host of innovative features that ensure your food and beverages are always fresh and tasty. With its modern design and advanced functionality, this refrigerator will undoubtedly be a worthy addition to your kitchen.

Liebherr KB4330 White properties

Product name Liebherr KB4330 White
Brand Liebherr
Type Freestanding Refrigerators
Colour White
Door Opening Right
Rehingable Door Yes
Volume 371.0 L
Noise Level 37.0 dB
Noise Level Class C
Energy Consumption (kWh/year) 133.0
Energy Class D
Features Child Lock, Glass Shelves, Internal Light
No of Shelves/Boxes 12 pcs
Standard Width 60cm
Height 185.0 cm
Width 60.0 cm
Depth 67.0 cm

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Door Opening

Rehingable Door


Noise Level

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Energy Consumption

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No of Shelves/Boxes

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I properly defrost my Liebherr KB4330 White refrigerator?

Defrosting your Liebherr KB4330 White refrigerator is necessary to prevent the build-up of ice, which can affect the efficiency and performance of your appliance. Here's how you can properly defrost it:

1. Locate the "Frost Protection" function: This feature automatically defrosts your Liebherr KB4330 White refrigerator when ice build-up reaches a certain level. To activate this function, go to the control panel and press the "Menu" button. Then select "Settings" using the arrow keys, followed by "Frost Protection. Press "Yes" to activate it. Manual defrost: If your Liebherr KB4330 White refrigerator doesn't have the Frost Protection function or you want to manually defrost it, follow these steps:

a) Empty the contents of the fridge and freezer sections into another cooler or storage space. Turn off the appliance by pressing the "Power" button on the control panel. Remove any food items or containers from the door shelves and drawers. Disconnect the power cord from the wall socket. Wipe the inside of your Liebherr KB4330 White refrigerator with a damp cloth to remove any dust, dirt, or debris. Use a soft-bristled brush or a small vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining crumbs or debris from the cooling elements and drainage channels. Let the interior of the Liebherr KB4330 White refrigerator air dry for several hours before turning it back on. Connect the power cord and press the "Power" button to restart your appliance. Note: If you notice any unusual smells, tastes, or discoloration in your food items after defrosting, discard them as they may have been contaminated by bacteria that thrived in the moisture build-up during the freezing process. By following these steps, you'll be able to properly defrost your Liebherr KB4330 White refrigerator and prevent ice build-up, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency of your appliance for years to come.

"How do I properly clean the interior of my Liebherr KB4330 white refrigerator to maintain its hygiene and prevent food odors from spreading?"

To effectively clean the interior of your Liebherr KB4330 white refrigerator, follow these steps:
1. Empty the contents: Before cleaning the interior, remove all food items from the shelves and drawers. This will allow you to access all areas for a thorough clean. Wipe down surfaces: Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down all surfaces inside the refrigerator. Be sure to pay special attention to any areas where food particles may have accumulated, such as around the door seals and in the corners of shelves. Clean drawers and crispers: Remove the drawers and crispers from the refrigerator and wash them with warm water and mild dish soap. Rinse thoroughly and let them air dry before replacing them. Use a solution to remove odors: To help prevent food odors from spreading, mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the inside walls of the refrigerator and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before wiping away with a damp cloth. This will help neutralize any odors that may be present. Clean the door seals: The door seals can harbor bacteria and mold, which can transfer to your food items. Use a soft brush, such as an old toothbrush, to gently clean the seals, paying special attention to any crevices or corners where dirt may accumulate. Rinse the brush frequently with warm water to prevent spreading dirt around. Dry thoroughly: After cleaning, make sure all surfaces are completely dry before replacing food items. Moisture can lead to mold and bacteria growth. Perform regular cleaning: To maintain the hygiene of your refrigerator, it's recommended to clean the interior once a week or as needed depending on usage. By following these steps consistently, you can help prevent food odors from spreading and ensure that your Liebherr KB4330 white refrigerator remains in top condition.

How do I properly clean and maintain the interior of my Liebherr KB4330 White refrigerator to ensure optimal performance and longevity?

Remove all contents from the refrigerator and discard any expired or spoiled items. Unplug the refrigerator from the power source and allow it to reach room temperature (approximately 2 hours). Wipe down all surfaces inside the refrigerator with a soft cloth dampened with warm water and mild dish soap. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals, or steel wool as they can scratch the interior surfaces. Rinse the cloth thoroughly to remove any soap residue and wring it out. Use the damp cloth to gently clean the door seals, paying special attention to the corners where dirt and grime often accumulate. Clean the drip tray located at the bottom of the refrigerator with warm water and mild dish soap. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely before replacing it. To remove odors, place an open container filled with activated charcoal or baking soda in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight. Discard any spoiled food that may be causing the smell. Check the temperature settings to ensure they are set correctly for your needs (ideally between 1-4°C/34-39°F). Refer to the user manual for specific recommendations based on the types of items you store in the refrigerator. Replace all contents and plug the refrigerator back into the power source. Regularly clean the interior of your Liebherr KB4330 White refrigerator at least once a month to maintain optimal performance and longevity.