Matrix MFU251 Integrated, White


The Matrix MFU251 Integrated, White fridge combines sleek design and ample storage space to keep your food fresh and organized.

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A refrigerator is one of the most essential appliances in a home. It keeps food fresh and safe to eat, and it is important to choose one that is reliable and efficient. Matrix MFU251 Integrated, White fridge is a popular model among consumers for its high-quality performance and sleek design.

The Matrix MFU251 Integrated, White fridge is a modern refrigerator that is designed to fit seamlessly into any kitchen. It features a total capacity of 256 liters, which is more than enough for most households. The fridge has three adjustable shelves made of toughened glass, and a salad crisper compartment that is perfect for storing fruits and vegetables. Additionally, it has a dairy compartment, a bottle balcony, and a door balcony, which provide plenty of storage options for all types of food.

One of the most notable features of the Matrix MFU251 Integrated, White fridge is its energy efficiency. The fridge is rated A+ for energy, which means it uses less electricity compared to other models in its class. This not only helps you save on electricity bills but also makes it environmentally friendly.

The fridge also comes with an electronic control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature settings. You can easily set the desired temperature for both the fridge and the freezer compartments. The fridge also has an automatic defrost system that prevents ice build-up and saves you the hassle of manual defrosting.

When it comes to design, the Matrix MFU251 Integrated, White fridge is both stylish and practical. It has a white finish that complements any kitchen d├ęcor, and its integrated design helps it blend seamlessly with the surrounding cabinets. The fridge also has LED lighting that not only provides bright illumination but also consumes less energy.

Overall, the Matrix MFU251 Integrated, White fridge is a well-designed and efficient refrigerator that offers plenty of storage options for all types of food. It is also eco-friendly and easy to use, making it a great choice for any household. If you are in the market for a new fridge, make sure to consider the Matrix MFU251 Integrated, White fridge.

Matrix MFU251 Integrated, White properties

Product name Matrix MFU251 Integrated, White
Brand Matrix
Type Integrated Refrigerators
Colour Integrated, White
Door Opening Right
Rehingable Door Yes
Volume 95.0 L
Noise Level 39.0 dB
Noise Level Class C
Freezer Box Star Rating 4
Energy Consumption (kWh/year) 183.0
Energy Class F
Features Glass Shelves, Icebox
No of Shelves/Boxes 1 pcs
Voltage 230 (220-240) V
Climate Labeling N, ST
Standard Width 60cm
Height 82.0 cm
Width 60.0 cm
Depth 55.0 cm

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Rehingable Door


Noise Level

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Freezer Box Star Rating

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