Adler AD 3015

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Adler AD 3015 properties

Product name AD 3015
Brand Adler
Type Sandwich toaster
Power 750 W
Features Nonstick Coated Plates, Temperature Light
Weight 1.0 kg

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1 review for Adler AD 3015

  1. Austin Pierpoint

    After the adventure with a toaster-like product, which after a few weeks of use began to walk quite heavily, and finally completely refused to obey, switching to the Bosch TAT3A011 turned out to be a bull’s eye. The toaster is very solidly made, all elements are properly fitted, so you do not have to bother with removing the crumb tray or setting the toasting ‘lever’.

    The toaster does its job very well – toasting toasts. I have already baked several dozen toasts and so far none of them burned, which was common in the case of the previous device. It seems to me that it is thanks to the bread centering function, although I am not a specialist and I may be wrong. Additional options also deserve praise, such as a grate for heating rolls or a place to wind the cable. The only disadvantage that I have noticed so far is quite a short power cord, but there is no tragedy. I recommend.

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What can we do with Adler AD 3015?

If you are always wondering what to make for breakfast or a quick snack, check out our article, in which we suggest how to diversify your meals with a toaster.

What kind of features does Adler AD 3015 have?

You can use this toaster not only for making toasts, but it also has interesting features such as nonstick coated plates, temperature light. To see our other temperature light toaster suggestions article.

How many slices can we make in Adler AD 3015 at once?

This device is useful with the possibility of making up to 1 pcs of bread. For more toasters with the possibility of making 1 pcs visit this site.