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Honey, what’s for breakfast today?

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It should be healthy but also tasty, balanced but still do not take half a day to prepare. And here all kinds of toasters come to the rescue.

For most of us, melted cheese and crunchy bread are a delicious combination of flavors that are hard to resist. Worse, if we need to lose a few kilos. Because toast is fattening, isn’t it?

Are toasts unhealthy?

Toast is a simple and quick dish, witch you can prepare from ingredients that you usually have at home. They are perfect as breakfast, snack and even dinner after a long day of work. However, every day we try to avoid them, because it’s so unhealthy! Is it really?

Caring for health and a beautiful figure does not necessarily mean sad and tasteless breakfasts. It all depends on what we use to compose breakfast. So let’s start with bread. Toasted bread is full of highly processed ingredients, conditioners and preservatives. However, we can replace it with healthy, whole-grain sourdough bread.

What to eat with?

The first, simplest solution that comes to mind is simply toaster bread. Like nothing, but the salad with croutons tastes much better, and you provide your body with fiber and carbohydrates, which are necessary in the diet even when slimming.
What to eat croutons with?
Toasts are a great addition to salads, fish and vegetable pastes, for example from avocados. They also go great with various sauces and cream soups.

Heating on the grill

A traditional toaster is used to toast slices of bread. But what if we want to eat a warm roll, a donut or a croissant? Toasters with a heating function on the grill are currently available on the market. They allow you to heat the product of any shape.
Rich toasts
Toasters are another way to diversify meals. They are available in many different variants. Standard toasters are used to make warm sandwiches. Just place the sandwich in the right place, close the sandwich maker and wait about 2 minutes.
However, if you dream about variety, just look for a toaster with additional functions. Panini, pit, tortilla and pancake toasters are on sale.
In this case, we are limited only by our own imagination when it comes to accessories.

Or maybe waffles?

Waffles seem to be a caloric option, however, and in this case everything depends on the recipe and toppings. After all, it is better to be tempted and make homemade waffles with fruit than tempt a sweet snack full of preservatives in the city.

All in one

If you can not decide on one of the above options, you should simply choose the device in which we can make each of the above dishes. Toasters that combine: a closed toaster, panini toaster and waffle iron are a great solution for people who value well-managed space and financial savings. A sandwich maker of this type will have interchangeable plates in a variety of shapes to make waffles, meat, vegetables or toast.
The waffle iron with replaceable cartridges are:

  • greater convenience in maintaining cleanliness – the tiles can be removed and washed under running water without fear of damaging the device,
  • savings – we buy one device and we gain several possibilities of its use,
  • space saving – one device instead of several,
  • variety in the preparation of meals.
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