AEG L51060TL

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AEG L51060TL properties

Product name L51060TL
Brand AEG
Type Top Loading Washers
Wash Capacity 6.0 kg
Colour White
Spin Speed 1000 rpm
Noise Level (Spin) 74 dB
Voltage 230V(220-240V) V
Energy Class A+++
Standard Width 45 cm
Width 40.0 cm
Height 89.0 cm
Depth 60.0 cm

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Noise Level -Spin


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1 review for AEG L51060TL

  1. FRAK

    After a month of use, I can share my observations:

    – washes and rinses effectively.
    – the washing machine is quiet during washing and spinning.
    – a practical program for daily washing and a program for quick washing; I practically do not use others so I will not say anything.
    – steam washing function: after using this function, the laundry is more airy, more pleasant to the touch. A small note – if we like the smell of rinse aid, then after using the Steam Touch function the smell will be much less noticeable than if we did not use this function.

    – dark door looks effective, but works like flypaper on dust. If the washing machine is in a bathroom where normal life is going on, the door should be wiped practically every day.
    – no possibility to spin the laundry itself – I do not understand this solution at all. If we wash something in our hand and want to spin, we also have to use the rinsing function.
    – end of washing signal – after washing is finished, the washing machine emits a short, quiet melody and then turns off completely. As a result, we can forget that we put the laundry in at all, let alone other household members who are not even aware that there are laundry in the washing machine. It would be enough for the display not to go blank completely, but to inform about the finished washing process.
    – when it comes to build quality, it could be a bit better here. The fitting of individual elements in places leaves much to be desired – the liquid drawer sticks out by 2mm, the program selection knob in one place is chipped, in places uneven gaps.

    There are probably better washing machines, better made and with more “goodies”, but taking into account the value for money, there is nothing to complain about. The above-mentioned disadvantages are rather a result of not fully thought-out decisions and can be corrected by the manufacturer in the next model. As of today, I would buy the washing machine again; if it withstands min. 5 years, I have been maintaining my positive decision.

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