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Get perfect washing experience with Bosch WVG30462GB washing machine – the ultimate solution for your laundry needs!

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Bosch WVG30462GB is a fully integrated, washer-dryer combo that offers outstanding features and performance. The machine has an energy efficiency rating of A, making it a cost-effective option for eco-conscious consumers. It has a load capacity of 7 kg for washing and 4 kg for drying, perfect for households with limited space.

One of the key features of the Bosch WVG30462GB is its EcoSilence Drive, a drive system that is exceptionally quiet, efficient, and durable. The motor is brushless, so it creates minimal friction when in use, resulting in a reduction in noise and energy consumption. This feature allows you to use the machine even at night without worrying about disturbing others.

The Bosch WVG30462GB is also equipped with a host of washing programs, including quick wash, delicates, wool, and easy-care, allowing you to choose the perfect setting for your laundry. The machine also has a function for automatic dosage, which measures the precise amount of detergent and fabric softener needed for each cycle, helping you save on laundry products.

Furthermore, the Bosch WVG30462GB has a spin speed of 1500 RPM, which is incredibly fast, ensuring that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned and dried in a shorter period. Notably, the machine has a brilliant ActiveWater feature that saves water by using sensors to detect the size of the load and adjust water levels accordingly.

Additionally, the machine has a child lock feature that prevents little ones from accidentally opening it, ensuring safety at all times. For added convenience, the machine has a large LED display panel that shows you the cycle status, remaining time and also allows for easy setting of programs.

In conclusion, the Bosch WVG30462GB washing machine is a high-quality washer-dryer combo that offers excellent features and performance. It is ideal for those with busy lifestyles or limited space and is incredibly efficient, durable, and quiet. Bosch WVG30462GB is a reliable machine that can be trusted to cater to your laundry needs effectively.

Bosch WVG30462GB properties

Product name WVG30462GB
Brand Bosch
Type Washer-Dryers
Wash Capacity 7.0 kg
Colour White
Drying Capacity 4.0
Placement Freestanding
Drum Volume 56.0 L
Spin Speed 1500 rpm
Noise Level (Wash) 59.0 dB
Noise Level (Spin) 74 dB
Weight 79.0 kg
Voltage 230V(220-240V) V
Energy Class A
Spin Drying Efficiency Class B
Washing Performance Class A
Water Consumption (Year) 20600.0 L
Energy Consumption (Year) 952.0
Standard Width 60 cm
Width 60.0 cm
Height 85.0 cm
Depth 59.0 cm

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Drum Volume

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Energy Class

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Washing Performance Class

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"How do I properly load and operate my new Bosch WVG30462GB washing machine for optimal performance?"

Before using your new Bosch washing machine, make sure it's placed on a level surface to prevent any vibrations or instability during operation. Connect the machine to a power source and fill the water tank with fresh water. The water level should be between the "Min" and "Max" marks indicated in the tank. Add detergent to the dispenser compartment. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the correct amount of detergent based on the size of your load and the water hardness in your area. Place your laundry items inside the machine, making sure not to overload it beyond its maximum capacity. Select the appropriate program for your washing needs from the control panel. The programs available will depend on the model you have purchased. Adjust the spin speed according to the type of fabric and level of dirtiness. Generally, heavier fabrics and heavily soiled items require a higher spin speed, while delicate fabrics may require a lower one. Start the wash cycle by pressing the "Start" button on the control panel. The machine will fill with water and begin agitating to clean your laundry. During the wash cycle, avoid opening the door or lid as this can cause water and detergent to spill out, potentially damaging your clothes. Once the wash cycle is complete, transfer your laundry to the dryer or hang it up to air dry. To maintain optimal performance of your Bosch washing machine, clean the lint filter after each use and regularly run a hot water cycle with vinegar instead of detergent to remove any build-up in the machine. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your new Bosch washing machine operates efficiently and effectively, providing you with freshly cleaned laundry every time.

"How do I properly load the drum of my new Bosch WVG30462GB washing machine for optimal performance and prevent damage to clothing or the machine itself?"

To ensure optimal performance and prevent damage to your clothing and the machine, there are a few steps you should follow when loading the drum of your new Bosch WVG30462GB washing machine:
1. Check the weight limit: The maximum weight capacity for this washing machine is 18kg. Make sure not to exceed this limit as it may cause damage to the machine and affect its performance. Sort your laundry: Separate your clothes into piles based on color, fabric type, and dirtiness level. This will prevent dye transfer, lint buildup, and other issues that can impact washing quality. Load the drum evenly: Distribute the clothing items throughout the drum, making sure they are not too tightly packed or too loosely spaced out. This helps to ensure an even wash and prevents tangling and damage to clothes during the spin cycle. Use the right amount of detergent: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the recommended amount of detergent based on the size of your load and the water hardness level in your area. Overloading with detergent can lead to excess suds, which may cause leaks or clogs in the machine. Run a full load: To prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the machine, try to run full loads whenever possible. This helps to ensure optimal performance and efficiency while also reducing water usage. By following these steps, you can help to ensure that your new Bosch WVG30462GB washing machine performs optimally and prevents damage to your clothing or the machine itself. If you have any further questions or concerns, please refer to the user manual provided with your appliance or contact our customer support team for additional assistance.

How do I properly load my clothes into the Bosch WVG30462GB washing machine for optimal cleaning performance?

To ensure optimal cleaning performance when loading your clothes in the Bosch WVG30462GB washing machine, please follow these steps:
1. Sort your laundry according to color and fabric type to prevent dye transfer or damage to delicate items. Check the care labels on your clothes for specific washing instructions, such as cold water only, gentle cycle, or no bleach. If possible, pre-treat any heavily soiled areas or stains with a stain remover or detergent before loading them into the machine. Load your laundry evenly and gently to avoid overloading the drum or tangling items. Make sure that larger or bulky items are placed in the center of the load, and lighter or delicate items are distributed around the edges. Use the appropriate water level setting based on the size of your load, to ensure efficient use of water and detergent while preventing overloading the machine. Finally, select the appropriate wash program for your clothing type and soil level, and set the spin speed according to the fabric weight and desired moisture level. By following these steps, you can help ensure that your clothes are cleaned thoroughly and effectively, while minimizing wear and tear on your Bosch WVG30462GB washing machine.

How do I properly load my clothes into the Bosch WVG30462GB washing machine for optimal cleaning results?

To ensure optimal cleaning results when using the Bosch WVG30462GB washing machine, here are some tips on how to properly load your clothes:

1. Sort Your Clothes - Before loading your clothes into the washing machine, sort them based on color, fabric type, and dirtiness level. This will help prevent any potential color bleeding or damage to delicate fabrics during the wash cycle. Check The Load Size - Make sure not to overload the washing machine as this can restrict water flow and affect the washing performance. Consult the manufacturer's manual for recommended load sizes based on the size of your Bosch WVG30462GB washing machine. Distribute Heavy Items Evenly - If you are loading heavy items, distribute them evenly throughout the drum to prevent them from settling at the bottom and disrupting the water level. Use The Right Detergent - Choose a detergent that is suitable for your specific washing needs, whether it's for whites, colors or delicates. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper usage and dosage. Close Zips, Hooks & Buttons - Close any zips, hooks, and buttons on your clothes to prevent them from getting snagged during the wash cycle and causing damage to the machine. Run The Machine Regularly - To maintain optimal cleaning results, it's recommended that you run the Bosch WVG30462GB washing machine at least once a month with an empty load and a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar to remove any remaining detergent residue or build-up. Remember, always refer to your specific model's user manual for any additional tips on loading your clothes for optimal performance.