Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 EU


Experience optimal efficiency and unbeatable washing performance with the Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 EU washing machine – your perfect laundry companion!

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Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 EU washing machine is a high-quality washing machine that has been designed to help individuals and families to have a more convenient washing experience. This washing machine offers many features that are not usually found in other washing machines. Here are some of the features that make this washing machine stand out:

Large Capacity

The Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 EU washing machine has a large capacity of 7kg which is ideal for families with large laundry loads. With a big washing drum, it can handle large loads of bedding and towels with ease. It’s perfect for washing bulky items such as duvets, curtains, and comforters.

Efficient Performance

This washing machine is built with modern technology that ensures efficient performance. It comes with an A+++ energy rating, which makes it a more energy-efficient model. It uses less water and electricity, which helps in reducing energy consumption, thus saving you money on your energy bills.

Multiple Programs

Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 EU washing machine comes with multiple programs, including a quick wash program. This program is designed to clean your clothes within 30 minutes, making it perfect for those on the go. It also has a delay start function that allows you to set the washing cycle to start at a specific time. This feature will save you time and make your laundry routine more flexible.

Anti-Stain Technology

This washing machine also comes with an anti-stain technology program, making it easier to remove stubborn stains. The program targets tough stains such as wine, grease, chocolate, and grass. This is ideal for anyone who regularly deals with tough stains on their clothes, as it will save you from having to pre-treat stains, saving you time and hassle.

Silent Technology

Another excellent feature of the Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 EU washing machine is its silent technology. This washing machine operates quietly, so you won’t be disturbed or annoyed by the noise. It is possible to run a wash load in the background while working, relaxing, or sleeping.


In conclusion, Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 EU washing machine is a perfect investment for anyone who wants a washing machine that will handle large laundry loads efficiently. It boasts all the features you need to make laundry easy and flexible. It has an energy-efficient rating, multiple programs including anti-stain technology and a quick-wash cycle, and it runs silently. It’s the perfect washing machine for busy families who need to get laundry done quickly and efficiently.

Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 EU properties

Product name BI WMHG 71284 EU
Brand Hotpoint
Type Front Loading Washers
Wash Capacity 7.0 kg
Colour White
Placement Integrated
Drum Volume 52.0 L
Spin Speed 1200 rpm
Noise Level (Wash) 46.0 dB
Noise Level (Spin) 71 dB
Humidity Remaining 53.0 %
Weight 64.4 kg
Voltage 230V(220-240V) V
Energy Class A+++
Spin Drying Efficiency Class B
Washing Performance Class A
Water Consumption (Year) 10840.0 L
Energy Consumption (Year) 157.0
Standard Width 60 cm
Width 59.5 cm
Height 82.0 cm
Depth 59.5 cm

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Wash Capacity



Drum Volume

Spin Speed

Noise Level -Wash

Noise Level -Spin

Humidity Remaining



Energy Class

Spin Drying Efficiency Clas

Washing Performance Class

Water Consumption -Year

Energy Consumption -Year

Standard Width





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Frequently Asked Questions:

"What is the proper way to load clothes and detergent into my Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 EU washing machine?"

To properly load your Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 EU washing machine, follow these steps:

1. Ensure that your washing machine is level and placed on a flat surface to prevent any damage or instability during operation.

2. Remove any large items from the clothing before placing them in the machine. This includes buttons, zippers, belts, and other accessories that could get caught in the drum or cause damage to the machine.

3. Check the size of your washing machine drum. Most Hotpoint washing machines have a capacity of 7 kg (15.4 lbs) or larger. If you are unsure about the capacity of your specific model, consult the user manual for more information.

4. Divide your laundry into two separate loads if necessary: one load for heavily soiled clothes and another for lightly soiled clothes. This will help ensure that all items are cleaned effectively without overloading the machine or using too much detergent.

5. Select the appropriate washing program based on the type of fabric and level of dirtiness. Consult your user manual for detailed instructions on each available setting.

6. Add detergent to the designated compartment, typically located at the top of the machine. Measure out the proper amount of detergent according to the manufacturer's recommendations and pour it into the dispenser. Do not exceed the maximum capacity indicated in your user manual.

7. Carefully place your clothes into the washing machine drum. Distribute them evenly throughout the space, taking care not to overstuff or underfill the drum. This ensures that all items will be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed during the cycle.

8. Close the door of your Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 EU washing machine securely and select the desired washing program using the control panel. Ensure that there are no obstructions around the door or any other part of the machine that could cause damage during operation.

9. Start the washing cycle by pressing the start button or selecting the desired option on the control panel. Allow the machine to complete its entire cycle before opening the door, as this will help prevent wrinkles and damage to your clothing.

10. Once the cycle is finished, carefully open the door of your Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 EU washing machine and remove your clothes. Fold them promptly to avoid wrinkling and sort them according to their intended drying method (dryer or air-drying).

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 EU washing machine operates efficiently and effectively while prolonging its lifespan.

How do I properly load and unload clothes from my Hotpoint BI WMHG 71284 washing machine?

Loading Clothes:

a. Ensure the washing machine is empty before loading it with clothes. Close the door of the washing machine and select the appropriate programme for your load based on the type, size, and colour of your clothes. Place heavy items such as jeans, towels, and bedding at the bottom of the drum to prevent damage to lighter fabrics during the spin cycle. Zip up any zippers and fasten any buttons or clasps on your clothes to prevent them from getting caught in the washing machine's agitator or drum. Distribute the clothes evenly around the drum, leaving enough space for water and detergent to circulate freely. Do not overload the washing machine as this can affect the efficiency of the cycle and cause wear and tear on the motor. When the washing machine is full or almost full, press the 'Start' button to begin the cycle. Unloading Clothes:

a. Wait for the washing machine to complete its spin cycle before opening the door. This helps to prevent the clothes from falling out and getting wrinkled. Open the door of the washing machine slowly and carefully, taking care not to trip over any wet floors or clothing items. Remove the clothes from the drum using both hands, being careful not to pull too hard on heavy items that may still be damp. Place the clothes in a dry area to prevent them from mildewing or developing a musty odour. If necessary, use a clean towel or cloth to help absorb excess moisture before hanging the clothes up to dry completely. Empty the washing machine of any remaining water using the 'Drain' button on the control panel, and then wipe down the interior of the drum with a damp cloth to prevent the build-up of mould or mildew. Close the door of the washing machine securely after unloading your clothes to ensure it is ready for the next wash.