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Waffles for good morning, waffles for good night

Today we will talk about waffles, because who does not like a warm fruit cake for a good day?
We will also talk about the pros and cons of waffles and whether or not you should eat a waffle at least once a day because, according to one source, waffle makes the best morning and night snack! If you’re looking for the perfect breakfast in your life, check out our breakfast recipe for waffles below!

Waffles Recipe | Breakfast

This is our classic waffles recipe with cinnamon, eggs, whipped cream and fruit. It is also a great lunch treat too. This recipe is also perfect as a breakfast in the morning or lunchtime for those who are on a strict or healthy breakfast schedule.

What You Need:


  • Cinnamon (toasted)
  • Pinch of ground cinnamon
  • Whipped Cream
  • Flour
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Yogurt

Preheat waffle-maker to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
Waffles are best served with a warm, nonstick pan (the waffle pan doesn’t need to be hot at all), but if a waffle pan doesn’t have a heating element it is fine to use another pan to help with baking. The waffle will cook fast and the waffles will cook evenly and crisp without any lumps.

Cut the waffles into bite size pieces. The smaller the bites the better, since you are not serving waffles to people who can’t eat waffles.
In a medium bowl, whisk together the remaining ingredients.
Sprinkle a thin layer of cinnamon on each waffle.
Add the flour mixture into the waffles until everything is blended.
Scoop the waffles into the waffle pan and spread them evenly. Repeat these 2 steps until you have made a lot of waffles.
Bake at 425 degrees F for 20-24 minutes or until golden and browned.
Note: When I say bake waffles at the recommended time, that means that you want each bite to be cooked to the same height on all 4 sides (this will help ensure that each bite is crispy).

Note 2:
To help make sure that your waffles are perfect, you must make sure your Waffle Maker is on the highest setting you can reach and the waffle is on the lowest setting that you can reach without burning your bottom (see how to change the setting below).
If you want to make waffles for a big breakfast party or a small gathering, you need to make sure that you get at least 3-4 large bites at least, as you want the bottom 2 to be crispy on all four sides! This will make your waffles a better breakfast than the usual waffles on a waffle pan!

Tips and Warnings:
You can also add egg whites to the batter and make a little “fluffy” texture. This can help make your waffles easier to flip over and flip a couple times.
When you are making waffles, you can use a nonstick pan or wax paper to keep them warm and to prevent burns.
Do not overdo it on the cinnamon or cinnamon sugar if you are making waffles for a big breakfast party or a small gathering or if your waffles are too small.

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