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Top food processor with Whisk Attachment

What is whisk attachment used for?

Whisk is a very practical gadget that can be used in several different ways. The stirring rod will be perfect both for whipping the proteins necessary to make a dough, as well as for preparing omelette mass, salad dressing, dip or dressing.

We can use it to can whip foam or cream. In any equipment with whisk speed and power can be easily adapted to the selected products thanks to the speed control system.

 The stirring rod is also ideal in using a stand mixer to whip the batter into a dough. The kneading wheel, the dough hook, is perfect for kneading the batter into a dough, and can be used to knead the batter before whipping it into a omelette.
For a more complex kneading recipe, you can purchase a kneading paddle at your local food store.  The paddle will allow you to stir a batter of approximately 100 ounces.

What foods can be made with the whisk?

You might be wondering if it is possible to make a dough from scratch.  Yes! In fact, you can make a batch of dough using only ingredients that are readily available to you.  In the beginning, you are going to need to find some of the ingredients that can be easily found in your area, and you will need to find some bread flour and the necessary oils.  The flour can be obtained from your local bakery, or you can purchase it online, but in most cases it will not be necessary to purchase the flour.  I am not going to go into much detail on the purchase of ingredients because it will give us enough information for this section.

The next step is to determine exactly how many ingredients you are going to need for the mixture.  The recipe recommends 1.5 cups of flour and 1.8 ounces of water.  For the mixture to be able to form a uniform ball, you will probably need 3.65 grams of flour, and the dough must have a thickness of about .9 inches to form a ball.

The dough will also need to be able to be chilled for about 12 hours before baking.  The dough can be cooled after the initial freezing for a few minutes, but this is not recommended as it will allow the starch to form more easily, and thus produce an overly thick dough.  If you are making a batch of dough that needs to be baked immediately before serving, you can freeze it for several hours in the freezer before baking.  For this recipe, it is necessary to keep the dough chilled, so as to allow it to rise during the time required to make the omelet.  You can make a batch of a dough at once if your batch needs to be baked right away.

While the recipe says to place it in the fridge before baking, the dough does not form in the refrigerator for very long.  You can store your dough in the fridge for up to 24 hours before baking, but this will require a larger batch of omelet, as well as the addition of some additional baking powder and salt.  The best way to store the dough is to roll it up tightly and place it in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours and then store it separately in a sealed container.  This method allows for more control over the temperature of the dough during baking.

 If you are using a plastic or metal bowl, you will need to store your dough in that.  While using a plastic or metal bowl, you should place the bowl at or above the top of the bowl that is covered by the batter.  If you are using the glass or metal bowl, the bowl should be in the oven.  If you are using the wooden bowl, then you should place the bowl on the countertop where you are going to cook with the omelet.
While you are waiting to cook the dough, you can purchase some bread flour or a store bought product.  The recipe suggests 1 cup of wheat flour, but it will be good to be able to find either 3 grams or more of wheat flour, and it is not needed if you are simply making a thin loaf of bread.

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