Ebac Amazon 12

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Portable Dehumidifier, Max. Operating area: 150m², Max. Operating area: Up to 3 room(s), Operating temperature range: 3 – 35°C, Silent (42 dB), Carbon Filter

Ebac Amazon 12 properties

Product name Amazon 12
Type Dehumidifier
Features Automatic Shutdown, Display, Humidistat, Portable, Water Tank
Functions Dehumidification
Incl. Filters Carbon Filter
Operating Area (m²) 150 m²
Operating Area (Rooms) 3
Max. Operating Temperature 35 °C
Min. Operating Temperature 3 °C
Fan Speed Levels 1
Dehumidification Capacity 12.0 L/24h
Water Tank Capacity 3.5 L
Max. Noise Level 42 dB
Min. Noise Level 42 dB
Power consumtion 320 W

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1 review for Ebac Amazon 12

  1. Jack Watts

    The purifier is standing for 2 weeks, a few smog days have already happened. I was positively surprised by the volume of the device in silent mode. Personally, this volume does not bother me at all in my sleep. A few people complained about the sound of gurgling water – the fact is louder, but still almost imperceptible to me during the day, at night it hasn’t woken me up yet. On the downside is the slightly cool air blown from the device. However, this is not a bothersome disadvantage. It definitely works very well – I have an independent PM2.5 and PM10 dust sensor in my apartment and you can see the difference when you turn on the device.

    The non-invasive design means that the device can stand anywhere in the apartment, the pollution indicator also looks interesting (in terms of color and aesthetics). The timer is a huge plus: when you go to work, you can set the device to fire up in a few hours – very useful.

    The hour-long air ionization mode looks interesting. Ions are released for 10 minutes, then the air is humidified for 50 minutes (if I understand it correctly), during this time the device works at maximum speed, which is troublesome and it is better to leave the mode and leave for an hour. Personally, it is difficult for me to determine if it gives any great results. Maybe I have to try it a few times, but you will definitely feel that the air in the apartment is refreshed after such a procedure.

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What is the operating area for Ebac Amazon 12?

The operating area can tell us if the air purifier is right for us.

Features in Ebac Amazon 12

The first thing to note about an air purifier is its functions and features. Ebac Amazon 12 has just few features like automatic shutdown or display. . If you want to look at other devices with dehumidification check it here. Full list of features and functions of this air purifier you can find in the description above.