Ulsonix Airclean 10G-ECO

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Ulsonix Airclean 10G-ECO properties

Product name Airclean 10G-ECO
Brand Ulsonix
Type Air Purifier
Features Portable, Timer
Functions Air Purification, Odor Neutralizing
Air Flow Volume 170 m3/h
Ozone Emission 10000.0
Power consumtion 95 W
Height 26.5 cm
Width 19.0 cm
Weight 2.5

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2 reviews for Ulsonix Airclean 10G-ECO

  1. Ccc

    We used the device in a smoking apartment. The result was amazingly good. The smell has disappeared in over 90%, so simply painting over the brown walls produced a habitable effect. We processed each room for a maximum of 4 hours. I find the illogical startup process impossible. First turn on the device and let the ozone hit your face, then set the intensity, duration and duration. Well, Chinese.
    Each time I had a pain in my face, eyes, a scratchy throat and a headache.

  2. Boris

    The opinion from CCC which is above seems unfair. If someone does not know how to read the instructions or does not want to do it out of laziness, do not be surprised that the device spits in his face.

    In the instruction on page 1 there is a clear sharpening to activate while standing next to it in slow start mode and not to look directly at the exhaust grilles.

    I use it personally and appreciate it for its quiet operation, nice appearance and small dimensions.

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What is the operating area for Ulsonix Airclean 10G-ECO?

The operating area can tell us if the air purifier is right for us.

Features in Ulsonix Airclean 10G-ECO

The first thing to note about an air purifier is its functions and features. Ulsonix Airclean 10G-ECO has just few features like portable or timer. You can also check its functions like air purification or odor neutralizing. If you want to look at other devices with air purification check it here. Full list of features and functions of this air purifier you can find in the description above.