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Make your homemade bread at home effortlessly with the Cooks Professional G3271 breadmaker, perfect for your kitchen needs!


Cooks Professional G3271 Breadmaker: The Perfect Choice for Homemade Bread Lovers

Homemade bread enthusiasts often find it difficult to come up with the perfect recipe for that delicious, freshly baked bread. Luckily, the Cooks Professional G3271 Breadmaker has been designed to take the guesswork out of making bread at home. This machine is capable of producing the most flavorful, moist bread without the need for any added synthetic ingredients.

The Cooks Professional G3271 Breadmaker comes with a well-lit LCD display that shows the user’s choice of bread type, baking time, and cooking temperature. The baking tray is also equipped with a viewing window, allowing users to monitor the entire baking process. This machine also has a 15-hour programmable timer that can be set up to ensure freshly baked bread at any time of the day.

One of the features that set the Cooks Professional G3271 Breadmaker apart from other bread makers is its automatic fruit delivery system. This system allows users to add fruits such as raisins or cranberries to their bread without worrying about them getting crushed. The fruit delivery system accurately dispenses fruits at the right time to ensure they mix thoroughly with the dough, resulting in a perfect, evenly-baked bread.

The Cooks Professional G3271 Breadmaker also features an impressive 19 pre-programmed bread-making options. This includes whole wheat bread, gluten-free bread, French bread, and many other customized settings as per the user’s preference. The machine’s non-stick baking plate ensures that the bread is free from any sticking or burning, and the machine works quietly, leaving the kitchen serene.

The Cooks Professional G3271 Breadmaker is also incredibly easy to clean, thanks to its non-stick baking plates and removable kneading paddles. The machine comes equipped with all the accessories needed to make the perfect loaf of bread or pastry. With its excellent features and easy-to-use design, the Cooks Professional G3271 Breadmaker is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make homemade, delicious bread at any time.

In conclusion, the Cooks Professional G3271 Breadmaker is an excellent bread-making machine that will help to make your life easier as you prepare your daily bread. It is perfect for bread enthusiasts who prefer to make their bread at home, as well as people who are careful about their diet and opt to choose healthier bread choices. With its 19 pre-programmed settings, an easily programmable timer, and efficient fruit delivery system, this bread maker creates perfect loaves of bread every time. If you are serious about making deliciously flavorful homemade bread, the Cooks Professional G3271 Breadmaker is a worthy investment.

Breadmaker, Automatic ingredients dispenser, Timer, Jam and compote mode, Hold warm function, Browning control, Viewing window, Non-Stick Surface, No. of settings: 19

Cooks Professional G3271 properties

Product name G3271
No. of settings 19
Features Automatic ingredients dispenser, Browning control, Hold warm function, Jam and compote mode, Non-Stick Surface, Timer, Viewing window
Height 300 mm
Depth 350 mm
Width 265 mm
Weight 5.25 kg

Additional information

No. of settings


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1 review for Cooks Professional G3271

  1. Abel

    My name is Abel, and I bought the Cooks Professional G3271 breadmaker in June from an online shop. Ever since then, it has been a game changer for me in terms of making homemade bread. The Cooks Professional G3271 is a great choice due to its height of 300 mm, which allows it to accommodate different sized loaves and even some specialty shapes such as baguettes. This feature was important because I often like experimenting with my baking recipes, so having versatility in size options makes the process more enjoyable and efficient.
    The first few times I used this breadmaker were a bit challenging, but after reading through its user manual carefully and following some helpful tips online, I found it easy to master. For instance, when measuring ingredients for dough preparation, ensure you level off dry ingredients like flour using a spoon instead of scooping directly from containers as this can result in too much material in your loaf.
    Another tip is to always let the bread cool completely before slicing; this ensures that the texture remains uniform and pleasant to eat. In terms of cleaning, it’s recommended to unplug the machine first, then wipe down with a damp cloth after use and occasionally deep-clean using a mild detergent solution.
    In summary, if you are considering purchasing a breadmaker, I highly recommend the Cooks Professional G3271 due to its versatile 300mm height capacity that allows for different loaf sizes and specialty shapes. It’s user-friendly once you understand how it works, and with some basic care tips like those mentioned above, this appliance will serve you well in your bread baking adventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the recommended dough consistency for bread making using the Cooks Professional G3271?

The recommended dough consistency for bread making using the Cooks Professional G3271 is a smooth and elastic texture that can be slightly tacky to touch, but not overly sticky. This consistency will allow the dough to rise properly and produce a well-structured loaf of bread.

"How do I program the baking time and settings on my Cooks Professional G3271 bread maker?"

To program the baking time and settings on your Cooks Professional G3271 bread maker, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure that the bread maker is unplugged before making any adjustments or settings changes. Locate the control panel on the front of the machine. The control panel will have buttons for selecting different functions (such as "Basic" for making white bread, "Whole Wheat" for using whole wheat flour, and "Dough" for making dough without baking it), adjusting the crust settings (light, medium, or dark), and setting the time delay (which allows you to program the machine to start at a later time). To select a function, press the corresponding button on the control panel until the desired function is displayed on the LCD screen. To adjust the crust settings, use the "CRST" button to cycle through the light, medium, and dark options. To set the time delay, press the "TIME DELAY" button and then use the number pad buttons (numbered 0-9) to input the desired delay time in hours (up to 13 hours). The machine will start baking at the scheduled time. Once you have selected your function, crust setting, and time delay (if desired), press the "START" button to begin the baking process. The LCD screen will display various stages of the baking process, such as "KNEADING," "RISING," and "BAKING. You can also check the progress of your bread through a viewing window on the front of the machine. When the baking cycle is complete, the machine will beep and display "00:00" on the LCD screen.

What is the main feature of Cooks Professional G3271?

The most interesting feature of Cooks Professional G3271 is backing of course and automatic ingredients dispenser. The other functions of this device are browning control, hold warm function, jam and compote mode, non-stick surface, timer, viewing window. If you are looking for other devices with automatic ingredients dispenser you should check here. If you want to know more about the possibilities offered by the bread maker, check out our article What can I do with breadmaker?

Is the capacity of the Cooks Professional G3271 bread machine enough?

The maximum capacity is the amount of ingredients the bread machine can handle to knead and bake the dough. If you want to know, Cooks Professional G3271 max capacity is not the bigest on the market. The bigest capacity of bread makers on the market is 5.0 kg. Check the bigest bread machines in our shop. For a better overview of the subject, see the other breadmakers with the same capacity as Cooks Professional G3271.

How many settings has Cooks Professional G3271?

The number of settings can tell us a lot about the device. For example, this bread maker has 19 programs. If you want to see other devices with that number of settings click here.