Boska Tapas Fondue 0.2 L x

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Boska Tapas Fondue 0.2 L x properties

Product name Tapas
Brand Boska
Type Fondue
Set No
Volume 0.2 L
Body Material Clay
Features Dishwasher Safe
Handle Type Loop Handles
Colour Black
Shape Square

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2 reviews for Boska Tapas Fondue 0.2 L x

  1. Connor H.

    The fondue set visually suited me very well. It looks good, but either the fondue mixture burns with the candle within a minute or, when the candle is extinguished, it becomes hard and cold within minutes.
    I tried cheese and chocolate. Same result.
    I also heated the dish once. The heat was not transferred to the mass. He was burning with a candle again.
    Completely inappropriate for us.

  2. me

    I ordered two of the 200g cheese fondue sets for New Year’s Eve.
    Even when unpacking you can see that it is actually a high-quality product. Therefore, in our opinion, the price is justified.
    In terms of handling, the fondue set is also well thought out. Cleaning is super easy. You don’t need fuel paste, just a tea light. You have to melt the cheese on the stove beforehand anyway. BUT you should also warm up the fondue pot a little beforehand if you want to enjoy the cheese hot! The instructions say that you should not put the pot empty over the tealight. That’s why we filled it with some water until it was needed, which we then simply replaced with the cheese shortly before the meal. And that’s how it stayed nice and hot!
    The fondue set is made in a small bowl and it’s easy to keep clean. Moreover, the product is very lightweight because that’s why we packed it to just a few inches and kept it on the table as it was reheated. So I do like that it was stored in its own container as we only need the liquid to boil the cheese.
    The fondue set was delicious. And the recipe was simple, which I think made us very happy for our New Year’s party.

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What is the surface of Boska Tapas Fondue 0.2 L x?

There is no information what kind of surface has this device. If you want to see some fondue devices with non-stick surface check it out here.

Do I need any additional accessories to make a fondue at home with Boska Tapas Fondue 0.2 L x?

The only thing you need apart from the device are fondue forks. Unfortunately, this device does not include forks. You have to buy them separately. If you want to purchase a device with forks attached, check here.

What are the main features Boska Tapas Fondue 0.2 L x from Boska?

This product is square, black. It is made of clay. It has also loop handles. If you want to see fondue with ceramic handle, you can find it here.