Cookology MFR45WH White


Experience the convenience and sleek design of Cookology MFR45WH White fridge to keep your food fresh and organised.


Cookology is a well-known and popular brand that is known for manufacturing high-quality fridge and freezer appliances. The Cookology MFR45WH White fridge is one of the most popular and versatile refrigerators available in the market.

The Cookology MFR45WH White fridge is a freestanding, compact, and sleek fridge that is designed to fit into any modern kitchen. It has a total storage capacity of 45 litres, which is suitable for a small family or apartment living. The fridge is designed with a white finish, which adds a modern and stylish look to your kitchen.

One of the best features of the Cookology MFR45WH White fridge is its energy-saving capabilities. The fridge has an A+ energy rating, which means that it uses less energy to run compared to other fridges. This feature makes it an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget and looking to save on energy bills.

The interior of the fridge is designed with adjustable shelves, which means that you can rearrange the shelves according to your storage needs. You can fit various sized items, including large bottles, and arrange them to make the most out of the fridge space. The fridge also has a vegetable drawer, which is perfect for storing fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Cookology MFR45WH White fridge is designed with a manual defrost system. To defrost the fridge, you need to turn it off and leave it for a while until the ice melts. This feature is suitable for people who don’t use the fridge on a daily basis, as it prevents ice build-up.

Another great feature of the Cookology MFR45WH White fridge is its noise level. The fridge operates at a low noise level of 39dB, which is quieter compared to other fridges in its category. This feature is beneficial if you have an open kitchen or living area, and the low noise level won’t cause any disturbance.

In conclusion, the Cookology MFR45WH White fridge is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a compact and energy-efficient fridge. Its adjustable shelves, vegetable drawer, and low noise level make it a versatile and practical fridge for small families and apartment living. Its sleek design and white finish will add a modern and stylish touch to your kitchen, making it an attractive addition to any home.

Cookology MFR45WH White properties

Product name Cookology MFR45WH White
Brand Cookology
Type Mini Fridges
Product Type Mini Fridges
Colour White
Door Opening Rehingable Door
Volume 46.0 L
Noise Level 45.0 dB
Features Natural Gas Cooling
No of Shelves/Boxes 1 pcs
Voltage 230 (220-240) V
Standard Width 50cm
Height 49.2 cm
Width 47.2 cm
Depth 45.0 cm

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Product type


Door Opening


Noise Level


No of Shelves/Boxes


Standard Width





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