10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi Cooker

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Cook any meal with ease using the versatile and space-saving 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi Cooker, perfect for any home chef.


The 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi Cooker is a versatile and convenient kitchen appliance that every home cook should own. This multi-cooker offers ten different functions, including baking, steaming, slow cooking, sautéing, frying, simmering, warming, reheating, and keeping food warm. With its compact size and stylish silver design, this product not only saves space but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen décor.

The 5.0 L volume is more than enough to cook meals for the whole family or to prepare leftovers for future use. The dishwasher-safe components make cleaning up after cooking easy and hassle-free, saving you time and energy in between meal preparation. With its powerful 1000 W motor, this multi cooker can handle a variety of tasks with ease, ensuring that your dishes are cooked evenly and thoroughly every time.

The round shape of the 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi Cooker not only looks visually appealing but also allows for easy handling and movement in the kitchen. The dimensions, 38.0 cm in width, 34.0 cm in depth, and height of 34.0 cm, make it a practical choice for smaller kitchens or those who prefer compact appliances that don’t take up too much space.

In summary, the 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi Cooker is an excellent product to own due to its versatility, convenience, and practicality. With ten different functions, a large 5.0 L volume, dishwasher-safe components, and a stylish silver design, this multi-cooker is a worthwhile investment for any home cook looking to simplify their meal preparation routine.

Multi Cooker, Display, Dishwasher Safe, 5L

10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi Cooker properties

Product name 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi Cooker
Type Multi Cooker
Colours Silver
Volume (L) 5.0 L
Functions Dishwasher Safe, Display
Power 1000 W
Shape Round
Multi Cooker Functions Baking, Rice, Saute, Soup, Steam Cooking, Stew
Width 38.0 cm
Depth 34.0 cm
Height 34.0 cm

Additional information

Product type


Volume -L





Multi Cooker Functions

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1 review for 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi Cooker

  1. Martin

    My name is Martin and I am from the Philippines. I started cooking food when I was five, I love the taste of my food, how it smells, the way it tastes. When I’m cooking healthy food I love using organic and natural ingredients.
    I am a user of this Countertop Multi Cooker for quite some time and I must say it is great tool in my kitchen. Thanks to it I can not only cook the easy dishes, but the easy baked goods and the vegetables, as well.
    The price is excellent for the quantity it comes with.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the process for using the Multi Cooker to cook rice for the first time?

Cooking rice in a multi cooker for the first time involves a few simple steps. Here's a step-by-step guide:
1. Rinse the Rice: Start by rinsing the rice under cold water several times until the water runs clear. Drain the rice and set it aside.
2. Measure the Water: Measure out the correct amount of water for the type and quantity of rice you're cooking. As a general rule, use a ratio of 1:1.5 (rice to water). For example, if you're cooking 1 cup of rice, use 1.5 cups of water.
3. Add Oil: Heat up the multi cooker by selecting the sauté function and add a tablespoon of oil. Once hot, add the rinsed rice and stir it around for about a minute until it's lightly coated with oil.
4. Add Water: Pour in the measured water and stir the rice to make sure it's evenly distributed.
5. Seasoning (Optional): You can add salt or other seasonings at this point if desired.
6. Cooking: Set the multi cooker to the "Rice" or "Cook" function, depending on your model. The cooking time will vary depending on the type of rice and the amount you're making, so refer to your multi cooker's user manual for guidance.
7. Fluffing: Once the cooking cycle is complete, let the rice sit for a few minutes before fluffing it with a fork to release any excess moisture. Serve and enjoy!
Remember that every multi cooker model may have slightly different instructions, so be sure to consult your user manual for specific directions.

How do I properly clean and maintain my 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi Cooker?

Cleaning and maintaining your 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi-Cooker is essential for its longevity and performance. Here are some steps to follow in order to properly clean and maintain your cooker:

1. Allow the cooker to cool: Always let your multi-cooker completely cool down before attempting to clean it or add any ingredients. This will prevent injuries from hot surfaces or contents and extend the life of your appliance. Remove removable parts: Take out all detachable components, such as the inner pot, lid gasket, and steaming rack, and set them aside. Make sure they're cool enough to handle before attempting to remove them. Hand wash: Use warm soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge or soft cloth to gently scrub the inner pot, lid gasket, and other removable parts of any residue or food debris. Avoid using harsh detergents or abrasives as they can damage the surfaces. Dry thoroughly: Once you've cleaned all removable parts, dry them completely before reassembling your multi-cooker. Make sure to remove any excess moisture from inside the lid to prevent potential issues with future use. Wipe down exterior: Use a damp cloth and mild dish soap to wipe down the exterior of your 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi-Cooker. Be careful not to get water in any openings or crevices that could cause damage. Descaling: To remove mineral deposits from hard water, you may need to descale your multi-cooker. Refer to the user manual for specific instructions on how to descale your particular model. Generally, this involves filling the inner pot with equal parts vinegar and water, setting it to cook on high pressure, and allowing the steam to work its magic. Store properly: When you're not using your 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi-Cooker, store all removable components in a dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. This will help prevent any potential damage and prolong the life of your appliance.

How to use 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi Cooker?

If you are looking for a product like 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi Cooker that will help you prepare healthy meals at home without wasting time and effort, we will help you get through the multitude of features worth paying attention to. The most desired function is preparation of good quality rice. You can check our offer of mullticookers with this function here. Maybe you are looking for multi cookers with steam cooking. You can also check out the pots with the yogurt option.

What is the capacity of 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi Cooker?

This device has capacity of 5.0 L and its power is 1000 W. If you want to see others devices with the same volume check here.

Do you preffer oval multi cooker like 10-in-1 Compact Countertop Multi Cooker?

You should look at our article about round multi cookers. You can find it here. If, however, you are interested in better use of space, read about square multi cookers.