Bosch TDI902836A

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Product name TDI902836A
Brand Bosch
Style Regular
Steam Irons Spray, Steam, Vertical
Features Automatic shutdown, Self clean
Power 2800 W
Steam Capacity 55 %

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1 review for Bosch TDI902836A

  1. Virgil Rice

    I decided to buy it because I have to iron shirts and pants every day, but the old iron did not fully meet my expectations. Getting things ready for work was a chore – I had a 2000W Clatronica, I don’t remember the model anymore.

    As for the advantages.
    Steam shot – works great, all creases disappear quickly, ironing time has decreased significantly.

    The iron itself is packed with various functions, you can iron black items, there is the i-temp function that selects the right temperature for different materials (I assume it sets it low) and several temperature levels. Generally I use the temperature level for shirts, for black pants the ‘Antishine’ function, for the rest of the items I use the i-Temp function. Does the Antishine feature for black things work? It’s hard to say objectively. Subjectively, I believe that the trousers do not have as strong a shine as when using an old iron. The woman praises this function for black blouses.

    Another feature that I have used once so far is the descaling function. Instructions for using this function are described in the instructions, apparently it significantly increases the life of the iron, which should be considered a plus, the steam holes are cleaned, and the iron should be similar with less scale, but this can only be assessed after a longer use.

    It should be considered a detail, but the water inflow should be considered a big plus, it is much larger than my previous one, which makes pouring much more comfortable. For people who filled the iron with water from 4 glasses, I have to be allergic to it, because the plastic flap of the infusion closure prevents it. I’d rather recommend a tap or a container with a spout.

    The water inlet closure itself is plastic, while it is made of solid plastic and it will be rather difficult to damage it, otherwise the matter is with the hinges and flap closure.

    If someone has not had contact with SensorSecure before or has a lot of things on his head, he will appreciate this function, leaving the house in the morning I do not have to worry whether I have turned off the iron – and I have had such a situation several times. I am not going to describe the method of operation here, but I consider it to be a great advantage for the forgetful.

    The weight of the iron – the iron is much heavier than the previous one, which I consider an advantage, I do not have to press it against the clothes to better iron out various creases. I’m writing this as a man so probably many women will find it a disadvantage. Unfortunately, the power and various functions add weight. I believe that it is a matter of habit and for me it is a huge plus.

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Bosch TDI902836A's steam capacity

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