Morphy Richards 303124


The Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron is your ultimate laundry companion for quick, efficient and convenient ironing experience.


The Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron is a powerful and efficient tool for all your ironing needs. This versatile iron offers a range of features that make ironing clothes easy and comfortable.

The iron offers a powerful 2400W motor along with a continuous steam output of 45g/min and a steam shot of 160g/min. This means that you can easily iron any fabric, from delicate silk to tough denim. The iron is also equipped with a powerful soleplate that helps heat penetrate deep into the fabric, ensuring a crisp, professional finish.

One of the standout features of the Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron is its adjustable temperature control. This allows you to easily set the temperature to the appropriate level for the fabric you are ironing, reducing the risk of scorch marks or damage. The steam iron also features auto-steam technology which allows for optimal steam output without you having to adjust the settings.

The iron is designed with a large water tank, which means that you can keep on ironing without needing to refill the tank frequently. It also has a self-cleaning function, which helps keep the iron in good working conditioning preventing any blockages from building up.

Additionally, the Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron is ergonomically designed with a soft-grip handle and easy-to-use buttons, which make ironing comfortable and efficient. The iron also comes with a range of accessories, including a water jug, a water spray bottle, and a lint brush, which gives you everything you need to get the job done.

Overall, the Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a powerful, high-quality iron that can handle all their ironing needs. With its adjustable temperature control, large water tank, and self-cleaning function, it’s perfect for those who want quick, efficient results every time they iron. And with its comfortable handle and easy-to-use buttons, it’s a pleasure to use.

Morphy Richards 303124 properties

Product name 303124
Brand Morphy Richards
Style Regular
Steam Irons Spray, Steam, Vertical
Features Automatic shutdown
Power 2800 W
Steam Capacity 55 %
Water Tank 400 ml

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Steam Capacity

Water Tank


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the recommended ironing temperature setting for the Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron?

The recommended ironing temperature setting for the Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron is usually set at the highest or maximum temperature. This is because it's designed to provide powerful steam and efficient wrinkle removal. The highest heat setting helps to break down creases and release any stubborn wrinkles on the fabric, especially if you are dealing with materials like cotton or linen that tend to hold onto wrinkles easily. However, please be cautious while ironing delicate fabrics such as silk or satin at high temperatures because it may cause damage to the fabric. Always follow the care labels on clothing for specific temperature instructions and use a lower setting if necessary.

What are the instructions for cleaning and maintaining my Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron?

To properly clean and maintain your Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron, follow these steps:

1. After each use, unplug the iron from the power source and let it cool down completely. Empty any collected water from the iron's reservoir by opening the water valve and letting the excess water flow out of the spout. If your iron has a removable water tank, detach it and wash it with warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed. Allow the water tank to air dry before reattaching it to the iron. To clean the soleplate of your iron, dampen a cloth or sponge with distilled white vinegar and wipe down the surface. Make sure not to use any harsh chemicals as they may damage the iron's finish. Rinse the soleplate with plain water and dry it completely using a soft cloth. Periodically check the steam vents for any build-up of limescale or mineral deposits. If you notice any, fill the iron's reservoir halfway with white vinegar and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes. Then, empty the reservoir and fill it again with fresh water. Run the iron on its highest steam setting until all of the vinegar has been expelled through the steam vents. This process will help remove any blockages caused by limescale or mineral deposits. To descale your iron, mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a bowl. Fill the iron's reservoir with this solution and let it sit for approximately 15 minutes. Turn on the steam function and allow the mixture to be expelled through the steam vents. Afterward, empty the reservoir and refill it with fresh water, running the iron several times without steam until no residue remains in the water tank. Regularly inspect your iron's cord for any signs of wear or damage. If you notice any frayed areas, replace the cord immediately to avoid potential electrical hazards. Store your iron upright, preferably on a protective pad, when not in use. This will help prevent any damage to the soleplate and keep it clean from dust and dirt. By following these steps, you can ensure that your Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron remains in optimal working condition for years to come.

"How do I properly descale my Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron?"

To descale your Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron, follow these steps:

1. Fill the iron's water tank with equal parts of white vinegar and water. Turn on the iron to its highest temperature setting. Allow it to heat up until the light emitting from the soleplate turns off. This indicates that the iron is ready for steaming. Gently glide the steam iron over a clean, white cloth or towel, allowing the vinegar solution to exit through the steam vents. Be sure to cover the entire surface area of the iron's soleplate. Continue this process until all the water in the tank has been used up, and you begin to see the buildup of mineral deposits coming off onto the cloth or towel. Empty the remaining vinegar-water mixture from the tank, rinse it thoroughly with clean water, and refill it with fresh water. Turn on the iron again and repeat steps 3 to 5 using only fresh water. This will help flush out any remaining vinegar residue. Once all mineral deposits have been removed, you may continue using your Morphy Richards steam iron as usual. Note: It's best to descale your iron every three months or whenever you start noticing a decrease in steam output or increased buildup of mineral deposits on the soleplate. By descaling regularly, you can prolong the life of your steam iron and ensure it continues to function optimally for years to come.

"How do I properly fill and empty the water tank on my Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron?"

To fill the water tank on your Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron, first ensure that the iron is unplugged from the power source. Locate the water tank on the back of the iron, which should be easy to remove by pulling it straight out. Fill the tank with clean water up to the maximum fill line, being careful not to overfill it. Once filled, gently place the tank back into the iron and make sure it clicks into place. To empty the water tank, first ensure that the iron is unplugged from the power source. Locate the drain valve on the bottom of the water tank. Press down on the valve to release any remaining water in the tank. Discard the water and wipe the tank clean with a soft cloth before refilling it as needed. As a general rule, it's recommended to empty the water tank after each use or when you notice that the iron is producing less steam than usual. This helps prevent mineral buildup in the tank, which can affect performance and shorten the life of your iron. By following these simple steps for filling and emptying the water tank on your Morphy Richards 303124 steam iron, you'll help ensure that it continues to work efficiently and effectively for years to come.

Morphy Richards 303124's steam capacity

Morphy Richards's iron is a great solution for people who don't like ironing. Its steam capacity is 55 %. This means you can easily iron your shirts in every nook and cranny. You can check other steam irons of Morphy Richards here.

Is this regular iron suitable for me?

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Morphy Richards 303124 has 3 features!!

Did you know, that this iron has spray feature? You can check other steam irons of Morphy Richards with this feature here. You can also check out our suggestions for steam irons.