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For kitchen

If you need to prepare your favorite dish, chop the vegetables into pieces, mix the soup, blend the pesto sauce?
Or maybe you want to prepare a yeast dough and bake it?
Thanks to our on-line shop you can stay at home and prepare your own bread with little help of our kitchen accessories.
Choose from hundreds of products for your kitchen at fantastic prices.

In this category we sell Kitchen robots, Blenders, Mixers , Breadmakers and Sandwich Toasters

Clothing care

Who among us doesn’t like to look good?
A neat appearance proves not only good manners but also emphasizes respect for the person or situation in which we find ourselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s an evening social meeting or a business meeting at work.
Buying a new garment is the first step to looking good, but proper care is needed to keep it looking fresh.
Our offer includes steam irons, clothes dryers and other accessories needed to keep clothes in good condition for a long time.

Chillout and relax

Home is our safe haven. We are supposed to feel comfortable and safe in it. Regardless of whether they live alone or with the family – our home should be a place that is worth taking care of.
In addition to safety, what also counts is relaxation and small pleasures that determine a happy life.
That is why in this category we have collected various items and devices that increase comfort and provide entertainment at home.

Clean air

Air purifiers and re-fresheners have many advantages. Some of them are true functional combines.
Living in a room exposes us to dust and other pollutants floating in the space of the home or office.
Arriving in such a room, we run the risk of many health problems: allergies, shortness of breath, decreased lung capacity, and so on.
By using a wide range of air cleaning products, we ensure health for ourselves and our loved ones.

Featured products

Airclean 10g-eco

Ulsonix Airclean 10G-ECO

The functional Ulsonix ozone generator is the equipment necessary for disinfecting and removing unpleasant odors from various types of rooms. This ozone producer will also work well when removing the fungus from air conditioning in cars.

Available with new better price. Check all the features here.

Beurer LR 310

People spend most of their time in closed rooms. This air is often polluted with dust particles, pollen, animal hair, odors, harmful gases as well as various bacteria and viruses. The air purifier LR 310 cleans the room air with the help of a three-layer filter system and a built-in UV-C light.

Check all features and customer reviews of Beurer LR 310 – here

Beurer LR 310

Lakeland Waffle Maker

If you and your family sit more often at home and you can’t go to the cafe for waffles – it’s time to make them yourself. This unique waffle maker will certainly be a great innovation in your home. It is easy to use and cooks four golden waffles at the same time, and we made sure that he was proud of himself and your family happy and full

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