Meaco DD8L Zambezi



Portable Dehumidifier, Air flow: 150m3/h, Max. Operating area: Up to 5 room(s), Operating temperature range: 1 – 37°C, Anti-Bacterial Filter

Meaco DD8L Zambezi properties

Product name DD8L Zambezi
Type Dehumidifier
Features Display, Humidistat, Portable, Timer, Water Tank
Functions Dehumidification, Ionizer
Incl. Filters Anti-Bacterial Filter
Operating Area (Rooms) 5
Air Flow Volume 150 m3/h
Max. Operating Temperature 37 °C
Min. Operating Temperature 1 °C
Fan Speed Levels 3
Dehumidification Capacity 8.0 L/24h
Water Tank Capacity 3.0 L
Max. Noise Level 50 dB
Min. Noise Level 41 dB
Power consumtion 660 W
Height 54.8 cm
Width 35.8 cm
Depth 20.0 cm
Weight 7.8

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Incl. Filters

Operating Area -Rooms

Air Flow Volume

Max. Operating Temperature

Min. Operating Temperature

Fan Speed Levels

Dehumidification Capacity

Water Tank Capacity

Max. Noise Level

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What is the operating area for Meaco DD8L Zambezi?

The operating area can tell us if the air purifier is right for us.

Features in Meaco DD8L Zambezi

The first thing to note about an air purifier is its functions and features. Meaco DD8L Zambezi has just few features like display or humidistat. You can also check its functions like dehumidification or ionizer. If you want to look at other devices with dehumidification check it here. Full list of features and functions of this air purifier you can find in the description above.