Bamix Superbox

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Bamix Superbox properties

Product name Superbox
Brand Bamix
Colour Silver
Power 200 W
No. of Speeds 2
Features Stainless Steel Foot
Included Accessories Beaker, Chopper, Creamer, Jug

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Included Accessories

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1 review for Bamix Superbox

  1. Willow Smart

    The Prblend 6 3D blender is indispensable in any kitchen thanks to its 1400W and 35,000rpm power. / min. what kind of blender has I made a cocktail in 1 min. Thanks to the 6-blade blades, the blender allows for a quick, simple way to prepare fresh cocktails as well as juices, desserts and many other products. thin consistency.

    The blender also has the function of crushing ice which allows us to make cold drinks, I like that the knob is lighted. Thanks to the cup which is massive, strong and capacious 2l. we have the ability to prepare a large amount of the product, which makes me very happy with a larger family. The advantage is 2 containers to which you can pour the prepared product and take with you, for example, to work. I highly recommend buying the Problend 6 3D blender because it is the most useful in any kitchen.

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How many accessories has Bamix Superbox?

This device has 4 accessories attached. Check out our proposals for hand blenders with beaker or with chopper.

What is the power of Bamix Superbox and how many speed settings does it have?

The best hand blenders have a power of 1000 W, but we are talking about professional devices used in industry. This one here has a power of 200 W. If you want to see devices with the same power level, click here.
The second important feature of the hand blender is the number of speed settings. If you want to see other hand blenders, which have as this one 2 speed levels check it out here.

You hesitate between a hand blender and a food processor?

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